II.Principal Investigator

III. Partners

IV. Goals

V. Duration

VI. Main Activities

VII. Deliverables

Peking University School of Public Health (SPH) was established 6 decades ago and is one of the leading research and education institutions in China on public health and policy. SPH has 10 departments, including departments of Health Policy and Management, Global Health, and Social Medicine and Health Education. SPH established departments and academic teams working on health policy and systems three decades ago and has made great contributions to the country through scientific research, education programs, and policy services.

Mr. Liu Peilong is the Director of the Department of Global Health of Peking University School of Public Health. Before this, he worked in the Ministry of Health (MoH). From 1968, he was successively appointed Director General of the Foreign Loan Office, Director General of Department of International Cooperation of the MoH and the Assistant Director General Advisor to the Director General of the WHO. He has also been a member of the WHO Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination (CEWG), a member of the Global Health Advisory Board of the World Economic Forum, and a member of the Chatham House working group on the World Health Organization and the international system.

Institute of Development Studies, UK; the Graduate Institute, Geneva; Duke Global Health Institute, USA; the National Health Development Research Center; the Center for Health Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; the Institute of Health Science, Kunming Medical University; the National Institute of Parasitic Disease of China CDC; the Office for Disease Control and Emergence Response of China CDC; the School of International Studies, Peking University; the Department of Sociology, Peking University.

To build capacity of the School of Public Health and make this the preeminent centre of excellence in global health policy development and governance in China. The school will promote and lead the establishment of the China Global Health Network in order to improve Chinese institutions’ overall teaching, research and consulting capabilities in the field of global health so as to provide support for China’s better engagement in global health governance.

From Mar 2014 to Dec 2016

Research on China’s global health strategy; research on China’s health R&D and public health equity; development of a textbook and training materials and conducting a regular education programme on global health policy and governance; implementing a Global Health Certificate Training Course and Global Health Diplomacy Executive Training Course; promoting and leading the creation of the China Global Health Network; participating in international academic conferences and short-term training courses; holding the International Forum on China-Africa Health Collaboration.

Enhance capacity for study and research in global health policy development and governance; compilation of textbooks and teaching materials on global health, carrying out regular education programme and short-term training courses, establishment and functioning of the China Global Health Network; making the School of Public Health School a key academic player in global health.