II.Principal Investigator

III. Partners

IV. Goals

V. Duration

VI. Main Activities

VII. Deliverables

China National Health Development Research Center is a research institution, established in 1991 under the leadership of the former Ministry of Health (now NHFPC), and a national think tank providing technical consultancy to health policy makers. Its missions include, but are not limited to: conducting research on China’s health development and reform strategy and taking part in health development and reform programs; conducting research on public health policy and providing health policy makers with policy recommendations; conducting health management research and implementing relevant programs; conducting research and programs on health policy and health technology evaluation; conducting research on health economics and health management theories and methodologies and implementing relevant programs.

Mr. Yang Hongwei, who has a master’s degree from the College of Public Planning and Development, University of Southern California, is the Deputy Director General of NHDRC. He previously served as Division Director of the General Office of the former Foreign Loan Office, MOH and as a Program Officer of the WHO Representative Office in China. His main research areas are Macroeconomics and Health, Global Health, Health Financing, Community Health Service and National Drug Policy.

Research Center for International Development (RCID) of China Agricultural University; Department of Health of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST).

Strengthen research on best practices in South-South health cooperation of the centre; expand and strengthen learning and dissemination of best practices in global health development cooperation in China; promote use by Chinese officials and researchers of best practices and lessons in designing, implementing and evaluating policy on Health Development Aid, as well as providing consultancy services; jointly enhance the capacity of the centre and other PIAs and research institutions under the leadership of centre, to make better contribution to development cooperation in China.

From Mar. 2014 to Dec. 2016

Improving capacity for research and analysis: distill and summarize best practice of south-south cooperation and their revelations for health aid conducted by China; Conduct assessment of China’s Health Development Aid (HDA) to developing countries and research on policy development and management.

Knowledge dissemination and training capacity enhancement: develop short-term training materials on HDA; Providing short training courses on HDA for government officials and consultant; Multi-channel dissemination of experience in HDA policy making and management.

Policy consulting and impact enhancement: develop policy briefings on themes of significance and trend, and policy proposals, technical briefings on HDA, and submit them to the project management office; Hold policy advisory meetings on strengthening China’s overseas HDA management.

Team capacity building: organize study tours, seminars and international conference participation.

Research reports on the best practice of south-south health Cooperation and its revelations for health aid conducted by China, on evaluation method of China’s Health Development Aid (HDA) policies; developing HDA training materials, organizing training workshops; providing relevant policy briefings and articles; organizing seminars on HDA.