II.Principal Investigator

III. Partners

IV. Goals

V. Duration

VI. Main Activities

VII. Deliverables

Fudan University School of Public Health was founded in 1928. The school has 8 secondary disciplines, including Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health Management, and 14 departments. As the sole owner of two national key disciplines and one of the most influential schools of public health, it has cultivated a number of senior professionals in the area of public health and carried out much scientific research. Its mission has always been to develop high quality talent in the field of Public health, Preventive Medicine and Health Management.

Chen Wen is a professor of health economics and health policy. He is the Dean of Fudan University School of Public Health and the Deputy Director of Fudan University’s Hospital Management Institute. Professor Chen was the Shanghai Shuguang Scholar in 2006, and has also been named the New Century Excellent Talent by the Chinese Ministry of Education. He has carried out a series of projects on behalf of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the WHO, the CMB, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Education.

Duke Global Health Institute, USA; University of Manchester, UK; National Institute of Parasitic Diseases of China CDC; Hanoi School of Public Health, Vietnam; School of Public Health, Xinjiang Medical University; School of Nursing, Fudan University.

Improve the host institute’s capacity in global health policy development and governance to become a core center of excellence in China, capable of advising the government on the development of a national global health strategy and participation in global health governance.

From Mar. 2014 to Dec. 2016

Map global health policy development and governance patterns and identify China’s contributions; summarize China’s global health activities and lessons learned, and help to formulate China’s national strategy in global health; develop multi-stakeholder education and training programs to enhance the capacity for policy makers, researchers, health care providers and students to formulate sound global health policies; disseminate the products of the centre of excellence to multiple stakeholders; and improve Chinese government officials’ and researchers’ capacity in global health in order to facilitate stronger participation in global health affairs.

Deliverables include global health publications in international and domestic journals, policy briefs and green papers, and additional capacity building activities designed for researchers. The host institute ultimately aims to develop a global health think tank with international reputation for the Chinese government, other developing countries and international organizations.